Collective Soul

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Intro: Riff1 (2 times)

G           Csus2
Change will come
	  G Csus2 G Csus2
Change is here
G          Csus2
Love fades out
	    G Csus2 G Csus2
Then love appears

       Em                Csus2
Now my water's turned to wine
And these thoughts I have
  D            Csus2
I now claim as mine
I'm coming home

[Riff1] (2 times)

G          Csus2
Change has been
	    G Csus2 G Csus2
Change will be
G         Csus2
Time will tell
	       G Csus2 G Csus2
Then time will ease

       Em               Csus2
Now my curtain has been drawn
And my heart can go
      D               Csus2
Where my heart does belong
I'm going home

[Riff1] (2 times)

Guitar solo: | Em | Csus2 | G | D | (2 times)
             | Csus2 | Csus2 |

[Riff1] (2 times) and end on G

e -----3-------------------3-------------|
B -------3-------------------3-----------|
G ---0-----0-------------0-----0---------|
D -----------------2p0-------------------|
A -------------2-3-----------------2-3-0-|
E -3-------------------3-----------------|